Sand & Sea Realty offers a range of Property Management Services. Depending on your needs and wants, we can handle any of the following items related to managing you rental property.

• Fill Vacancies & Move-In/Move-Out Process

  1. Meet & show prospective tenants property
  2. Collect application, run credit check, speak with previous landlords and verify employment
  3. Complete Lease and all necessary documents required by law prior to tenant move-in
  4. Perform initial move-in inspection with tenant and move-out inspection o Refund Security Deposit with itemized list of expenses within 21 day time frame required by law

• Day-to-Day Operations

  1. Collect monthly rent payments
  2. Ensure rent is paid in timely manner, assess late fees if necessary o Bookkeeping
  3. Take incoming maintenance requests
  4. Schedule vendors to complete repairs, payment to vendors
  5. Manage landscaping

• Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Duties

  1. Pay property taxes
  2. Perform quarterly/semi-annual property inspections
  3. Ensure rents are at market levels
  4. Stay up-to-day with changing laws/regulations, ensure tenant has signed any new required paperwork
  5. Renew Lease Based on these management responsibilities and what the individual owner wants, we can tailor a management program specifically for you.

Anna Marie Barnard and Tiffany Mitrowke will be the main points of contact for Property Management; available by phone seven days a week to you and to all tenants. We can provide our Standard Management Agreement as well as the Lease we use. Both forms are from the California Association of Realtors (CAR). We use an electronic version of these documents which allows for automatic updating from CAR to ensure all parties are protected to the highest degree. Maintenance protocol can be handled according to the individual owners’ Property Management Plan.

Our typical plan of action is once a call comes in, we assess the issue, if it is a minor issue such as a clogged toilet or leaky faucet, we can call our handyman or yours, if you have one you prefer us to use, have them provide us with an estimate. If the cost to repair is under a previously agreed upon amount, say $500, we will authorize the repair. If the maintenance issue/repair is of larger scale and is estate to cost more than $500 we could call you for approval. Once the repair is made, we will collect and pay the bill on your behalf. The fee for the bill will be deducted from your monthly distribution or paid from your account if that is the way the system is set up. We will also follow up with the tenant within a short time frame to double check and make sure the issue is completely resolved. Please call us with additional questions and to schedule a meeting to discuss a Property Management Plan that will fit your needs.